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Nationally recognized! Huida Sanitary Ware was once again selected for the “National Grade” list National font

HUIDA 2019-02-28

The National Enterprise Technology Center is a highly qualified qualification. It recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, and the Ministry of Taxation. It aims to strengthen the position of technological innovation and guide and support enterprises to enhance their technological innovation capabilities. Selected companies are subject to a comprehensive assessment of technological innovation capabilities based on dozens of indicators. For enterprises selected for the“National Enterprise Technology Center”, the state will also give a greater degree of policy concessions to encourage enterprises to continuously improve their R&D and innovation capabilities.

As a well-known brand in the domestic sanitary ware industry, the strong R&D innovation and industrial design ability is one of the core competitiveness of HUIDA。 As early as 2013, HUIDA already passed the“National Certified Enterprise Technology Center”。 At present, HUIDA has industry-leading post-doctoral workstations and professional R&D teams AND holds numerous industry patents to fill the gaps in domestic technology and it also has been awarded many national and high-tech enterprises and national technology innovation demonstration enterprises。 Supported by strong comprehensive R&D and innovation strength, HUIDA continues to lead the innovation and development of the sanitary industry。

With more than 30 years of technology precipitation and through the continuous investment of manpower, financial resources and material resources, HUIDA has successfully overcome many problems in the industry. With high pressure grouting instead of ordinary grouting, HUIDA has been the first to achieve automated production of ceramic bodies in the industry. The surface aesthetics and durability of ceramic products have been further improved due to the independent research and development of Nano self-cleaning glaze technology.  Besides, HUIDA has completely changed the traditional labor ceramics production labor intensive, low production efficiency and environmental pollution through the application of robotic glazing technology, automatic flow production line design, lead-free energy-saving environmental protection faucet technology, and hardware ware electroplating waste water recycling technology. HUIDA leads the domestic sanitary ware industry to a high-quality development path of automation, mechanization and environmental friendliness.

HUIDA with excellent strength in R&D and innovation has been highly recognized in the industry. HUIDA has also participated in the formulation of national and industry standards for many times, and has become the drafting institution of many national and industry standards for sanitary industry.

It is another demonstration of the strong comprehensive strength of HUIDA to be selected on the list of “National Enterprise Technology Center”. In the future, HUIDA will continue to expand its investment in R&D and innovation, promote the continuous improvement of the company's scientific and technological innovation strength, and drive the rapid development of the company with the power of innovation.

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